Hassle-free storage that is simple to use and deploy. The SoftNAS support team is second to none.

Rudy Pataro

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Works seamlessly and was easy to get set up and running. SoftNAS has been fantastic.

Rick Christy

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SoftNAS provides users a flexible way to easily store, access and move data.

David Shacochis

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SoftNAS creates a very simple process with zero downtime and offers seamless, reliable storage that operates consistently.

Constantinos Karantzas

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Selecting SoftNAS has enabled us to quickly provision and manage storage, which has contributed to a hassle-free experience.

Keith Son

Great for real-time backups for DR to another AZ. The block replication scales and handles our millions of files nicely.

Chris Mays

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A great solution – highly available and very easy to mount drives to Linux. Windows Management interface is easy to use.

Tony Razo

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I like the SoftNAS GUI and the work that can be done with it. It’s an awesome feature and very user friendly.

Nitish Chandu

Easy to deploy and use. SoftNAS has proved to be flexible, incorporates CIFS support and other features.

Reza Kertadjaja

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Incredibly fast and simple to use. Because online retail is a highly dynamic business, we needed a cloud storage solution that was high-performance and cost-effective.

Henrique Mengue

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 Very easy to configure when upgrading or migrating data from one host to another onto a different VPC. Makes accessing and backing up data to the cloud painless.

Henry Truong

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SoftNAS makes my life easier because I can create large S3 based disks for storing 10’s of terabytes of imagery data  with a few clicks. It has greatly simplified my data management tasks.

Tisham Dhar

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SoftNAS on AWS allows Cloudticity to offer our customers highly reliable, fast, and affordable shared storage optimized for AWS.

Gerry Miller

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I have found SoftNAS to be a highly reliable, cost-effective and secure solution for storing massive amounts of data in the AWS environment.

John Crites

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SoftNAS lets users display multiple volumes, addressing Azure’s storage limitations, and the backup topology allows for quick and secure recovery.

Chris Covert

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Quickly and easily built a new Disaster Recovery platform and attached 100 TB of Azure blob storage, uploading data to this storage array ever since with no issues. Performance has been excellent and the overall cost saves money.

Dana Wildes

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SoftNAS Cloud NAS is simple to use and deploy – it’s clear SoftNAS understands the intersection of innovation and reliability. It’s these attributes which led Minjar to select SoftNAS as our storage vendor for our cloud consulting business.

Prabakaran Subramani

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SoftNAS is the most cost-effective way to fill capability gaps in the cloud implementations for our enterprise customers. Their responsiveness impressed us. If you need a clustered mountable network filesystem service, I’d recommend giving SoftNAS a go.

Arya Vaziri

SoftNAS is a quick, inexpensive and elastic solution for an unexpected surge in storage requirements.

Victor Bueno

SoftNAS solved a tricky problem with shared file access. Highly resilient and easy to set up with a support team always there.

Steven Woodward

We’ve been creating instances, implementing replication and HA, failing over and back. It works well and the interface is user friendly.

Chris Burg

Since day 1, the team at SoftNAS has been great in answering our questions, assisting with reviewing our architecture and minor teething issues we had at the start. I would highly recommend that anyone who has the requirement of centralized storage in the cloud for your applications to consider SoftNAS.

Gavin Lewis

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Simplicity & Reliability are the main features of SoftNAS. Our team can quickly configure and deploy Highly Available Storage Solutions for our clients.  Whether our client is a small business or a large enterprise, with SoftNAS, we can provide a great solution to any client size and any type of budget.  That’s a great tool.

Ezequial Pitty

SoftNAS is the best cloud storage that offers not only real time redundancy/fault tolerance and data protection, but also virtually secures access to our corporate domain files or database applications. Best cloud storage solution ever and a great support team that is always a fingertip away.

Michel Bernabela

By moving to SoftNAS, we’ve been able to streamline our deployment processes, improve uptime and dramatically improve performance in our hosting environment. Our file server bottlenecks and single points of failure have been eliminated.

Britt Thompson

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Menasha has been running SoftNAS three years now. It has been a great product for us, covering our NAS needs in CIFS and NFS for now and into the future. Upgrades are smooth and support is there when you need them.

Brian Laabs






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