SoftNAS Trademark Guidelines

SoftNAS, Inc. (“SoftNAS”) trademarks, service marks and logos (“our Marks”) are valuable assets that SoftNAS needs to protect. SoftNAS has posted these Trademark Usage Guidelines (“Guidelines”) to assist you in properly using our Marks. The strength of our Marks depends, in part, upon consistent and appropriate use. We ask that you properly use and credit our Marks in accordance with these Guidelines. We reserve the right to change these Guidelines at anytime and solely at our discretion.
Our Marks consist of the following registered, unregistered and/or pending trademarks, service marks and logos which are subject to change without notice: SoftNAS, SoftNAS logo, SnapReplicate, SNAP HA, Hybrid HA, SnapClones, StorageCenter and other marks which may be referred to in your specific license agreement or otherwise.
Use as adjectives
Trademarks should be used as adjectives – not as nouns or verbs. Accordingly, a trademark should not be used alone. A trademark term should always be used with, and immediately precede, the generic noun that describes the product or component in question. For example, proper use is “SOFTNAS computer software” and not “the SOFTNAS.”
Do not use plural or possessive form
A trademark is not a noun, so a plural form should not be used. For example, proper use will be “SoftNAS software” instead of “SoftNAS’”. Similarly, the possessive form should not be used. For example, proper use will be “features of SoftNAS technology” instead of “SoftNAS’ features”. Only when using SoftNAS as the name of our company, one might use the name in the possessive form. For example, SoftNAS’ technology features.
Do not create composite marks
Our Marks must not appear to be part of any other marks (whether words or logos). Our Marks may not be used in any variations or as a design feature on your product, packaging, web page or promotional materials without obtaining prior written approval. Subject to the foregoing restrictions, if our Marks are used in connection with your mark, the use must be in a manner that distinguishes your mark from our Marks. Variations of our Marks may confuse consumers as to the source of the goods or services bearing the altered mark, and such use may infringe our trademark rights and be actionable under applicable laws.
Use of capitals
Our Marks should be written with the proper capitialization as shown in these guidelines. For example: “SoftNAS”. An exception exists where SoftNAS may be written as ‘SOFTNAS’, in certain design situations.
Use of Logos
The SoftNAS’ registered, unregistered and pending logos, including the SoftNAS logo, should be taken from SoftNAS’ media kit. The logos may only appear with the words, logotype, graphic elements and spacing which SoftNAS has previously approved for use and may not be modified.
Company Name Use
The SoftNAS name is not only a trademark used to identify our products, services and technology. It also serves as our company name. When using SoftNAS as our company name, SoftNAS may be used as a noun.
SoftNAS does not permit using any of our Marks in the following manner: as part of your own trademark; to identify non-SoftNAS products, services or technology; in a manner likely to cause confusion between products, services or technology of SoftNAS and those of another entity; in a manner that inaccurately implies that SoftNAS sponsors or endorses or otherwise is affiliated with your own activities, products, services or technology; in a manner that disparages SoftNAS or its products, services or technology; in connection with products, services or activities which, in our judgment, may diminish goodwill in our Marks; in connection with any unlawful activities or to encourage unlawful activities.
Proper use of our Marks on websites to name or accurately describe SoftNAS products, services or technology is permitted. The use of our Marks should not be misleading or likely to cause confusion as to whether the website is sponsored by or affiliated with SoftNAS or whether the products, services or technology are offered by SoftNAS. Any principal or secondary level domain name should not be identical to or virtually identical to any of our Marks. The website owner should not register any domain name containing our Marks and should not claim any trademark or similar proprietary rights in the domain name. The website should display a legal notice or a link that contains the following legend:
“SoftNAS and SoftNAS logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SoftNAS, Inc. All rights reserved.”
This legend can be modified to include only our Marks. The website should otherwise comply with domain name registry policies and applicable laws regarding trademark infringement and dilution.
You may make limited fair use of our Marks in naming or referring to our products, services or technology, for example in a magazine article, without our permission, provided you follow these Guidelines. All other uses are prohibited except by express written permission, requested in advance, which we may grant or deny in our sole discretion. To request permission please contact Michael Goodwin. SoftNAS reserves the right to refuse permission to use our Marks for any reason.
SoftNAS reserves the right to review all uses of our Marks by others and to conduct periodic spot checks of such use. Upon request from SoftNAS, you must provide a copy of any product, packaging, screenshot, or other materials bearing our Mark. You must correct any deficiencies in the use of our Marks. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of permission to use the Mark.
For further information or guidelines regarding proper use of our Marks please contact Michael Goodwin at mgoodwin[at]






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