The Adventure Continues…

SoftNAS is beginning to see great market traction. The next chapter of SoftNAS enables us to go from Good to GREAT! We’re at a critical “point in time” where billions are being invested to move to the cloud, especially as Microsoft and Amazon are creating a huge bow wake, positioning us to ride this wave and set ourselves up for “Built to Last” success.

Consolidating EMC VNX File Servers in the Cloud

SoftNAS Shares: A Use Case of How we Consolidated EMC VNX File Servers in the Cloud for Easy Access & Sync Since our early days in 2013, SoftNAS® has seen hundreds of customers move out of their on-premises and colocation datacenters into the cloud. Today, we see an...






Introducing the new SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum Edition.

Accelerate your cloud journey with SoftNAS Cloud®.

Control your data with SoftNAS Cloud® and Microsoft Azure.

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