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Create a future-proof, scalable solution for all your file sharing, data backups, and archiving needs.

SoftNAS Cloud® - Flexible, Cost-Effective Storage for All Your Needs

Centralize and gain control of file sharing, backups, and data archiving. Gain predictable performance, maximum uptime and cut your public cloud storage costs by 2/3rds.

See How SoftNAS Cloud® File Storage Solves Your Challenges

Regain Control of User Data and End Server Sprawl.

Your Challenge

Data is stored everywhere – across locations, systems, and unknown “Shadow IT” cloud services. If you’ve lost insight, you’ve lost control, dramatically increasing security risks.

How We Help

Move, manage, and control data across locations and storage types with SoftNAS Cloud®, a high-performance, dedicated environment that consolidates on-premises file servers in the cloud.

Get On-Demand Access to Tape Archives in the Cloud.

Your Challenge

Archiving data to tape is too time-consuming, prone to long-term tape failures, and subject to slow data retrievals from off-site storage facilities. You want to modernize your archiving approach to solve for these issues.

How We Help

SoftNAS Cloud® uses POSIX-compliant file services that let you use your existing archival/backup software to archive in the cloud using highly durable, cloud-native object storage. SoftNAS Cloud acceleration technology boosts object storage to near block-level performance, reducing archival and retrieval times down to minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Store Backup Files in the Cloud.

Your Challenge

You love Veeam’s Synthetic Full Backup, but native-cloud storage options aren’t fast enough for your massive full backup jobs.

How We Help

SoftNAS Cloud® turns on-premises Veeam Synthetic Full Backup into a high-performance, cloud-capable solution that can read and write to public cloud services like AWS S3 and Azure Blobs. Veeam Synthetic Full Backup jobs can run as fast as your network connection – up to 10 Gb via dedicated links, with bottomless petabyte scale.

Ensure Reliable Performance of Cloud Workloads.

Your Challenge

You’re frustrated by performance issues that impact multi-tenant public clouds, like bursting limits, bandwidth constraints, and interference caused by user bottlenecks. Your workloads need more – more performance, flexibility and control.

How We Help

SoftNAS Cloud® puts you in total control, with a dedicated, virtualized NAS environment that delivers better performance than the public cloud. Choose from a full spectrum of storage performance options – ensuring peak performance for mission-critical workloads and striking a price/performance balance for others.

Ensure Maximum Uptime for Cloud Workloads.

Your Challenge

You need a level of uptime and high availability for business-critical applications and data that can’t be achieved from native public cloud services, because both storage and compute can’t be aligned to meet your high availability service-level agreement requirements.

How We Help

SoftNAS Cloud® delivers patented cross-zone high availability for applications and data for maximum uptime, with a No Storage Downtime Guarantee.™ You finally can choose the compute and storage options that meets your uptime requirements.

Improve Data Security and Access Control.

Your Challenge

You need to protect confidential customer and business data, and valuable IPs, but public cloud services don’t provide the granular security and controls needed to safeguard your data.

How We Help

SoftNAS Cloud® gives you a private, dedicated virtual NAS with multiple layers of security features built in, including support for Active Directory and LDAP integration. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest, and you control the keys. Granular file and directory access controls can be enforced by POSIX-compliant file systems to meet customer, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Enable Highly Available NFS and CIFS File Sharing in the Cloud.

Your Challenge

You want to store unstructured user data in the cloud and share those files with Linux and Windows devices, using standard storage protocols like NFS and CIFS/SMB. However, native cloud storage doesn’t support POSIX-compliant file systems and traditional storage protocols.

How We Help

SoftNAS Cloud® lets you quickly map block and object storage into highly available storage for applications and workloads, using NFS, CIFS/SMB, AFP, and iSCSI protocols.


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“SoftNAS is the most cost-effective way to fill capability gaps in the cloud implementations for our enterprise customers. Their responsiveness impressed us. If you need a clustered mountable network filesystem service, I’d recommend giving SoftNAS a go.”

Arya Vaziri, Salted Signal

“SoftNAS is the most cost-effective way to fill capability gaps in the cloud implementations for our enterprise customers. Their responsiveness impressed us. If you need a clustered mountable network filesystem service, I’d recommend giving SoftNAS a go.”

Arya Vaziri, Salted Signal

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