Leading retailer in Latin America achieves improved agility, flexibility for growing cloud storage

HOUSTON –October 26, 2016 – SoftNAS®, the #1 best-selling software-defined cloud NAS, today announced the DCG Group, made up of the EZ Commerce, CORE and Octopus companies, which provides solutions for e-commerce, has adopted SoftNAS to improve cloud storage performance for mission-critical cloud data.

Online retailers manage an overwhelming amount of data including product catalog images and information, personalization, customer service records, all of which must have the highest level of security and fraud protection. During holidays and peak buying times, SoftNAS allows storage capacity to dynamically scale-up or scale-down so EZ Commerce can grow more quickly and cost-efficiently. With SoftNAS, EZ Commerce can efficiently and securely manage the tsunami of data for their 600 Latin American customers.

“SoftNAS is both incredibly fast and simple to use. Because online retail is a highly dynamic business, especially during holidays, we needed a cloud storage solution that was high-performance.  In online commerce, every millisecond impacts cost,” commented Henrique Mengue, Co-founder and CEO, EZ Commerce.

“A key feature of the SoftNAS offering is that it is very easy to setup and manage. In fact, only a few clicks are needed to create a strong, safe, shared file system that has great performance and availability,” stated Valter Barbosa, Infrastructure Manager, DCG Group.

“SoftNAS gives our customers the ability to achieve unsurpassed reliability and availability in a cloud environment for increased agility and flexibility,” said Rick Braddy, CEO, CTO and founder, SoftNAS.  “For EZ Commerce, having high-performance file sharing can have a significant impact on sales during peak traffic times, especially with seasonal customers.”

About DCG

DCG is the greatest electronic commerce group in Brazil, whose success is based on high performance and technology of its platforms (EZ Commerce, CORE and Octopus) and in the qualified service and support of the whole staff, in addition to the customized consulting ecommerce services, a resource more and more looked for by retailers who search for online success.

About EZ Commerce

EZ Commerce is a company specialized in solutions for ecommerce that has been operating for over 8 years in the Brazilian market. Located in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, over the years the company has always aimed to support various brands in all industries to take advantage of all potential sales over the internet. For more information, visit www.ezcommerce.com.br.

About SoftNAS

SoftNAS®, Inc. is the leading provider of software-defined NAS solutions and protects mission-critical data for customers using any combination of public, private and hybrid clouds. SoftNAS gives its customers the enterprise-class data security, protection, and performance required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free data management and works with any hardware, any data type, across any geography, and with any IT environment, including the most popular public, private, and hybrid cloud computing platforms:  Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™, CenturyLink Cloud® and VMware vSphere®.


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