Free Professional Environment Set-up

Expert planning, implementation and performance verification of your storage environment

Fastest Time to Production

Move your data to production as painlessly and quickly as possible. We know common cloud architecture pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Tailored Environment Recommendations

Take the guesswork out of cloud storage architecting. We will help you choose the right configuration options to ensure you are not over paying for resources you don’t need while still meeting your performance requirements.

Cloud Expertise and Education

Learn from someone who has architected thousands of environments. Have your questions answered by our cloud storage expert every step of the way.

What is Included with Professional Services Set-up?

If you qualify for free Professional Services set-up, you will be guided through three onboarding phases:

Environment Consultation

The consultation stage is when our onboarding team will collaborate with you to define your objectives for success and understand how to best configure SoftNAS in your environment.

Implementation of Development Environment

The onboarding team will implement SoftNAS in a dev environment and verify test cases.

Implementation of Production Environment

The onboarding team will implement SoftNAS in a production environment and verify production performance.

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