Enterprise-grade Cloud NAS and Advanced Cloud Data Platform for AWS®, Azure and VMware®. Supports NFS, CIFS with Active Directory, iSCSI, AFP and more.


Dedicated Cloud NAS and Hybrid Cloud Data Platform

SoftNAS is a cloud-native, software-defined, full-featured enterprise cloud NAS filer product line for primary data storage, secondary storage and hybrid cloud data integration. It enables existing applications to securely migrate to and connect with the cloud without re-engineering.

With enterprise-class NAS features like: high-availability, deduplication, compression, thin-provisioning, snapshots, replication, cloning, encryption (at rest and in transit), LDAP and Active Directory integration, and support for NFS, CIFS, iSCSI or AFP storage protocols, SoftNAS protects mission-critical and primary, active/hot data, backup/archive data and makes cloud data migration faster and more reliable.

SoftNAS offers the broadest range of storage options in terms of price vs. performance and backend storage selection, on-demand at petabyte scale across the AWS and Azure Marketplaces or on-premises on VMware.

SoftNAS offers the flexibility needed to meet the most demanding application requirements

SoftNAS is an Enterprise Cloud NAS with built-in storage-tiering and migration tools with hybrid cloud connectivity for both AWS and Azure. Additionally, SoftNAS provides high-performing, highly available protocol support including NFS, CIFS/SMG with AD, iSCSI, and AFP.

Accelerate your path to the cloud

Move Unlimited data
and workloads

Move, consolidate, and control data. Migrate huge workloads, with a cloud-native storage solution that supports the Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Veeam, and VMWare services you’re using and will grow and evolve with your business.

Get blazingly fast speeds for massive data volume transfers

Increase your data transfer speeds 20 times faster than over TCP/IP, even when you’re moving multi-petabyte data volumes, using shared cloud services, and connecting over dirty networks.

A single solution for all your application needs

Cloud-enable business applications

Drag and drop business applications. Eliminate custom coding or re-engineering, saving 90% of your team’s time. Move live production applications without performance worries.

Connect everything,
regardless of where it is

Use our software-defined, cloud-native platform, based on Open ZFS, to connect islands of data, siloed applications, remote offices and factories, and newer IoT devices, gaining total control.

Manage performance and data storage costs

Get rock-solid performance for any environments

Drive peak revenues and throughput from SaaS and cloud-business apps. Gain peace-of-mind with 100% uptime SLAs.

End runaway costs with controls and innovation

Tailor the configuration of your environment. Leverage automated storage tiering to expand your use of block and object storage and reduce storage costs by up to 67%.






Introducing the new SoftNAS Platinum Edition.

Accelerate your cloud journey with SoftNAS.

Control your data with SoftNAS and Microsoft Azure.