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SlideShare: Why Cloud Migrations Fail – Learn the Keys to Cloud Success

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Many cloud migration and cloud first strategies fail to live up to expectations. The problem is organizations spend too much time on micro issues like product selection and not enough time on big picture items like the cloud strategy’s foundation. In our on demand webinar, Storage Switzerland and SoftNAS discuss the problems these different cloud projects create, and how to create a foundation for your cloud strategy that guarantees success.

View the full slide deck on the StorageSwitzerland blog.

Public Clouds Provide Storage Tiers – Why Doesn’t Storage Software Support it?

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Customers typically count on cloud migration, cloud backup and cloud file systems to move data to the cloud but most of these solutions can only target one tier and can’t move data between tiers, leaving customers paying extra for cloud resources. Learn how SoftNAS SmartTiers storage auto-tiering, a feature of SoftNAS, can help customers save on storage costs.

Read George Crump’s full blog post here.

Using the Cloud Data Fabric for Data Protection

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Most organizations use data protection as their first step into the cloud. Unfortunately, that first step, like many first steps, often results in a stumble. If organizations don’t create a cloud data fabric first, they often use an extension to their backup application which can’t fully leverage the cloud and starts a series of siloed approaches to cloud adoption.

Read George Crump’s full blog post here.






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