SoftNAS on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Move, control, and manage your data on AWS.
Gain flexibility, performance, and a dedicated data solution. Start today.

Why Use SoftNAS on AWS

Use SoftNAS to transfer and sync your data continuously and use block and object storage the way you want to. Use the product edition that’s right for you – and scale up and down as needed.

How SoftNAS and AWS Help Your Business

Save on cloud storage costs

You’ll save up to 67% on your public cloud storage costs using SoftNAS® SmartTiers™, a patent pending automated storage tiering feature.
See how much you can save.

Transfer data faster

Move data up to 20 times faster than TCP/IP network connections, with SoftNAS UltraFast™, a patented network data transfer acceleration feature. Learn more.

Lift and shift business applications

Move applications by the thousands, while keeping data continuously synced, with our Lift and Shift wizard. See how.

Increase data management and control

Use SoftNAS FlexFiles™ Architect, a drag-and-drop user interface and development environment, to design, control and monitor data integration and movement tasks. Learn more.

Get an enterprise-grade virtual cloud NAS

Use a cloud software solution that’s engineered for success, with high availability and great features. SoftNAS is POSIX-compliant and supports NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and AFP protocols.

Make data work the way you want it to

Get the best performance and broadest options. SoftNAS supports nearly 140 machine types and six block and object storage backends across AWS. Learn more.

Choose from among three SoftNAS edition options – Platinum, Enterprise, and Essentials – that meet your needs. Pay the way that fits your needs – monthly, annually, or on a consumption-basis.

Which Solution Is Right for Your Business?

Comparing and contrast SoftNAS on AWS versus Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)? We can help. Select your desired price and performance.


Capabilities/Features SoftNAS AWS EFS
I want cost-effective storage
Compress data to reduce costs
Included Not Included
Deduplicate data to reduce costs
Included Not Included
Let me select price/performance
Included Not Included
I want to protect my data
Get instant storage snapshots
Included Not Included
Rollback snapshots rapidly
Included Not Included
Authenticate with Microsoft Active Directory or using LDAP
Included Not Included
Get a No Storage Downtime Guarantee SLA
Included Not Included
I want the best performance
Get high-performance with no burst limits
Included Not Included
Ensure 100% dedicated storage throughout performance
Included Not Included
I need more flexibility
Support for multi-cloud operating systems
Included Not Included
Use on-premises infrastructure and any cloud
Included Not Included
Support any storage protocol
Included Not Included
Support any data integration processor
Included Not Included

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Get the Flexibility of Price Versus Performance.

Get Resources to Start Your Journey

We’re here to help you learn more about SoftNAS – and how it can give you a data on-ramp and express lane to the cloud. Learn more.

What Our Customers Say on AWS Marketplace

Just what I needed!

I found SoftNAS after looking at my options for a cloud-based NAS on AWS. I found that the product was super easy to use and performed quite well. Setting up HA took only about 15 minutes and most of that was VPC configuration and such. What a great product. I wish I would have found it sooner.
– Bill P.

Great Product, Excellent Support and Assistance

As our ever-expanding AWS infrastructure required a better way to centrally store files with the requirement of high availability, we decided to choose SoftNAS. Since day 1, the team at SoftNAS have been great in answering our questions, assisting with reviewing our architecture and minor teething issues we had at the start. I would highly recommend that anyone who has the requirement of centralized storage in the cloud for your applications to consider SoftNAS.
– Gavin Lewis

Easy to use nice product!!

I found SoftNAS via a marketplace search and had little expectation prior to launch. However, after using this product for a period of time I have found it to be exactly what I needed. Very easy to use and setup. Excellent set of features. Highly recommend.
– Storage Guy

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