SoftNAS Developer Edition

The full capabilities of SoftNAS Cloud NAS for free up to 250 gigabytes

SoftNAS® Developer Edition is the easiest and fastest way for DevOps teams to learn about and test SoftNAS® NAS functionality within non-production deployments.  Certain features like high-availability are not available for use in SoftNAS Developer Edition. Use a single 250GB node of SoftNAS Developer Edition free forever. No license key is required for the quickest time to product use and testing. SoftNAS Developer Edition is available on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces and is available for download for use on-premises on VMware vSphere.


Multi-Protocol Support
File access to backend object storage via NFS, CIFS/SMB with Active Directory, AFP (Apple File Protocol) and iSCSI block services.
Easy to Use and Manage
Fast and simple. SoftNAS Cloud NAS is wizard driven and the StorageCenter™ administrator enables your cloud storage deployments without the need for time-consuming training.
Instant Writable Snapshot Clones
DevOps can make a SnapClone™, a writable clone of the original data (which take up no additional storage space), for running Development Engineering and QA regression tests on large data sets — making continuous development faster and less costly in the cloud.
Snapshots and Rollback
Protecting and recovering your data is easy by creating scheduled or manual snapshots that can rollback your data to a point-in-time—perfect for combating malware and ransomware.
With 360-Degree Encryption™, data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and only the customer possesses the encryption keys.
Access Control
Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP, which provides secure access control to customer data.
Seamless Storage
Deploy in any of the following IT environments: public, private (on-premises), or hybrid clouds.


  • The fastest way to try SoftNAS® NAS — no license key required
  • For DevOps and Developers who want to quickly test SoftNAS product features
  • Not suitable for production deployments
  • Single node only (no high-availability)
  • Available on AWS, Azure Marketplaces and available for download for on-premises running on VMware vSphere
  • Free to use forever up to 250 gigabytes

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Getting Started on AWS and Azure:

SoftNAS Developer Edition is available as a separate product listing on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces. SoftNAS Developer Edition is free to use forever up to 250 gigabytes. AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure and underlying storage fees still apply. Launch SoftNAS Developer Edition directly from:    

Azure 200x34

Getting Started on VMware

Run SoftNAS® Developer Edition on VMware vSphere, installed on hardware you own or lease. Simply download the OVA file from the SoftNAS website to get started. SoftNAS Developer Edition is free to use forever up to 250 gigabytes.

Download the OVA.






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