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vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud

SoftNAS Enterprise for VMware

On-premises private or hybrid cloud

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Datasheet: SoftNAS Enterprise as a Storage Gateway (PDF)

Solution Brief: SoftNAS Enterprise and VMware Virtual SAN (PDF)

Solution Brief: vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Backup (PDF)

*SoftNAS Enterprise supports ESXi 6.0 and subsequent 6.0 update versions

The No Compromise Safety Net for Mission-Critical Data in the Cloud.

Nothing is more critical to the continuity of your business than your data. Like the blood in your veins, it must be safe and available 100% of the time. SoftNAS Enterprise offers the mission-critical data protection and high-availability required for the non-stop operation of your business. Additionally, SoftNAS Enterprise is easy to try, buy and deploy across public, private and hybrid clouds. SoftNAS Enterprise is the no compromise safety net for business-critical data in the cloud.

What is SoftNAS Enterprise for VMware?

SoftNAS Enterprise for VMware is a software-defined NAS filer for your private, hybrid, or public cloud, either in your own VMware datacenter or deployed on in a public cloud as a virtual appliance that delivers enterprise-grade NAS capabilities, cloud storage, disaster recovery and real-time off-site backups.

7 Reasons to Consider SoftNAS Enterprise for VMware

1. Simply Powerful™—SoftNAS Enterprise is a powerful, full-featured NAS filer.
2. Non-Stop Storage—SoftNAS Enterprise delivers 99.999% availability.
3. Frictionless Experience—SoftNAS Enterprise is easy to try, buy and use.
4. Agile Storage Software—SoftNAS Enterprise is on-demand, where and when you need it.
5. Data Protection—SoftNAS Enterprise offers the most advanced data protection features to keep your data safe and protected.
6. Performance and Capacity—SoftNAS Enterprise is performance-tuned to maximize  IOPS and throughput.
7. Open Architecture—Built on proven, trusted industry standard Linux and ZFS open source platforms, so your data isn’t locked-in.

vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud

Simply Powerful

With a powerful and complete feature set, SoftNAS Enterprise protects mission-critical data in the cloud to ensure your business and applications are safe from downtime and data loss.
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Non-Stop Storage

SoftNAS Enterprise delivers 99.999% availability for non-stop application operation with automatic failover. Easily perform non-disruptive online storage administration for maximum maintenance agility.

vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud
vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud

Frictionless Experience

SoftNAS Enterprise is quick and easy to configure in minutes for IT administrators and DevOps personnel with no specialized training required.
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Agile Storage Software

On-demand, where and when you need it. SoftNAS Enterpriseis so easy to configure, you will have basic storage up and running in mere minutes. You can run SoftNAS Enterprise in your existing VMware datacenter hardware.
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vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud
vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud

Data Protection

SoftNAS Enterprise offers advanced data protection features, so your data is always safe, secure and available. Additionally, your data can be stored both locally and off-site using highly-durable Amazon S3 cloud disks or Azure Blob storage.

Performance and Capacity

SoftNAS Enterprise takes advantage of SSD caching for increased performance to support demanding workloads and increase storage IOPS and throughput limits by fully leveraging SSD and RAID striping. Deduplication and compression accelerate storage even faster by reducing storage I/O by up to 60%, while also reducing storage costs. Together, SoftNAS Enterprise and VMware’s vSphere® Data Protection’s (VDP) patented deduplication technology saves up to 33% storage space vs. other leading backup tools.

vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud
vmware vsphere nas softnas cloud

Open architecture, so your data doesn’t get locked-in

Most storage vendors lock you into their vendor-specific platform using proprietary storage, proprietary hardware and proprietary operating system platforms. SoftNAS Enterprise provides you with a truly open architecture storage solution that’s build upon open source technologies at its foundation—Linux and ZFS, proven open source technologies that have become industry standards. And because SoftNAS Enterprise runs across the broadest range of available cloud and premise-based platforms, you have the ultimate flexibility of where to run your applications and workloads. Work where you choose with SoftNAS Enterprise.
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