Offers unlimited storage up to 16 PB and introduces Enterprise edition

Houston, TX (July 17, 2014) – SoftNAS, the #1 Best-Selling NAS in the Cloud, today announced the SoftNAS 2.2 upgrade for SoftNAS™ running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware. The upgrade offers a simplified licensing model and introduces SoftNAS/Enterprise™ to the SoftNAS product family.

Currently, SoftNAS/Enterprise boasts the same robust feature set as SoftNAS/Standard. SoftNAS/Enterprise purely expands upon the existing SoftNAS’s 20 TB instance cap. SoftNAS Enterprise allows SoftNAS to offer support for up to 16 PB per instance on AWS Marketplace.

“SoftNAS/Enterprise is the answer to growing demand from SoftNAS customers for more storage capacity on AWS and other platforms,” said Rick Braddy, SoftNAS CEO and managing partner. “SoftNAS is thrilled to be able to deliver this capability to fulfill the needs of its Enterprise-level customers,” Braddy said.

Previously, SoftNAS users on AWS who required more than 20 TB of usable storage had to Bring Their Own License (BYOL) to run SoftNAS Professional™ on AWS Marketplace. Now, SoftNAS/Enterprise brings the convenience of on-demand SaaS pricing that is intrinsic to AWS Marketplace to customers who desire storage capacity over 20 TB.

The advent of SoftNAS/Enterprise necessitates the retirement of SoftNAS Professional; however, support will remain for existing SoftNAS Professional customers. SoftNAS for AWS starts at $0.18 per hour per instance and is available on both an hourly and annual basis.

SoftNAS/Enterprise for AWS starts at $0.315 per hour per instance. Both SoftNAS/Standard and SoftNAS/Enterprise support all instance types across all Amazon EC2 regions.

SoftNAS for VMware® is $495 per month and $4,995 per year for up to 20 TB, and SoftNAS/Enterprise for VMware is $995 per month and $9,995 per year for up to 16 PB.