Introduces first patent pending Elastic HA and SNAP HA technology

Houston, TX (March 19, 2014) – SoftNAS, the #1 NAS in the Cloud, today launched the SoftNAS 2.1 upgrade for SoftNAS Professional™ on VMware® ESXi. The upgrade delivers several unique features, including the first patent-pending Elastic HA™ and SNAP HA™ technology.

Elastic HA utilizes an enhanced virtual IP address to deliver up to 99.999 percent reliability and seamless automatic failover within approximately 20 seconds. SoftNAS supports high availability with its new SNAP HA add-on module, which allows easy HA cluster configuration in less than 2 minutes with just 3 mouse clicks.

“With SNAP HA, premise-based customers running VMware can save up to 70 percent, using COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) servers and SSDs, compared to traditional proprietary NAS appliances, while saving additional money on training for their IT professionals,” said Rick Braddy, SoftNAS CEO.

High availability and SNAP HA are not available for SoftNAS Essentials, a low-cost version ideal for high-density applications like video surveillance, film and video editing, and corporate A/V department needs, which necessitate lots of Serial ATA (SATA) storage without the more premium NAS features.

Additionally, the 2.1 upgrade includes a cloud computing storage API and CLI, which makes SoftNAS easy to integrate with CloudFormation templates, auto-scaling groups, and other automation systems used by DevOps teams for agile cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

The upgrade also includes added support for NFSv4 Kerberos and LDAP Support, which enables multi-user security access rights to files and directories managed by the SoftNAS filer, and improved NFS and CIFS performance and throughput tuning for enhanced read and write caching to increase IOPS.

Pricing for the 2.1 upgrade will remain the same. SoftNAS Professional for VMware is available on a TB capacity basis with monthly, annual, and perpetual license options.

The SNAP HA modules can be purchased as an add-on, starting at $995 per year. SNAP HA is an add-on to the two requisite SoftNAS Professional licenses. The first Professional filer license is at regular price, and the second Filer is 50 percent off the first.

About SoftNAS
SoftNAS™ LLC, the #1 NAS in the Cloud, is a privately held software company with headquarters in Houston, Texas. SoftNAS is the market leading NAS for private clouds, delivering enterprise-grade network-attached-storage that runs both in the cloud and on-premise, through popular cloud computing environments – VMware ESXi, and Amazon EC2 – as affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS).