Patent-pending Elastic HA technology provides non-stop storage operation across EC2 availability zones

Houston, TX (Nov. 12, 2013) – SoftNAS LLC, the #1 NAS in the Cloud, has launched the SoftNAS 24/7 High Availability (HA) module featuring its patent-pending Elastic HA™ technology, which delivers continuous storage operation across Amazon EC2 availability zones, ensuring NAS clients connecting via NFS, iSCSI, and CIFS are uninterrupted and always available.

The SoftNAS 24/7 HA module is the only cross-zone HA storage solution currently offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

The 24/7 HA module, “ensures rapid failover in a few seconds, so there is virtually no storage downtime for mission-critical business or web applications,” said Rick Braddy, founder and managing partner. “The cross-zone availability eliminates the last hesitation businesses may have with full cloud NAS adoption,” Braddy continued.

The module utilizes an active-active dual-controller design in which each instance mirrors itself to the other. In the event a controller fails, the remaining controller takes over all operations within seconds. Thus, the module requires two instances or virtual machines of either Professional or Cloud and is available as a software add-on. The module alone is priced at $995 per annual recurring license plus a one-time configuration fee of $1495. Installation and set-up is handled as a SoftNAS services engagement.

The SoftNAS 24/7 HA module runs on VMware ESXi and on AWS in virtual private cloud (VPC).

About SoftNAS

SoftNAS™ LLC, the #1 NAS in the Cloud, is a privately held software company with headquarters in Houston, Texas. SoftNAS is the market leading NAS in the cloud, delivering enterprise-grade network attached storage that runs both in the cloud and on-premise as affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS). Visit for more information.

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